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Slovak International Air Fest, SIAF 2021.   Leave a comment

Photos were taken 4th of September 2021 at SIAF 2021 at Kuchyňa AFB, Slovakia.

National Aviation and Space Museum / Museo Nacional Aeronáutico y del Espacio, Santiago Chile.   Leave a comment

January 2018, Santiago de Chile.

Slovak International Air Fest, SIAF 2016   Leave a comment

27.8.2016 Sliač AFB, Slovakia

Ukraine State Aviation Museum,Zhulyany Airport,Kiev   Leave a comment

Photos were taken during august 2015.

Aviaticka Pout/Aviation Fair 2014, Pardubice, Czech Republic   Leave a comment

Pardubice, 31.05.2014

Slovak International Air Fest 2013,Sliač AFB,Slovakia   Leave a comment

Photos were taken 01.sep.2013.

Air Power 2013,Zeltweg AFB – Austria,28.6.2013   Leave a comment

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Taiwan Aviation Museum,Taipei International Airport-Taoyuan   Leave a comment

Taiwan Aviation Museum is located near to Terminal 1 of Taipei International Airport at Taoyuan.
Photos were taken in July 2013.

Luchtmachtdagen 2013, Volkel AFB, NL   Leave a comment

Air Force Days 2013, Volkel Air Force Base, Netherlands, 14.6.2013

Mig-29AS/UBS Fulcrum,Slovak Air Force.   Leave a comment

Some photos of Slovak Mig-29.Taken during airshows 2009-2012 at Piestany airport and Sliac AFB.

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